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Descendents of Conrad Pool
Samuel Pool
Isaac Pool
Jane "Jennie" Pool
Sarah "Sally" Pool
Enoch "Old Enoch" Pool
Jacob Pool

This website is dedicated to the descendants of Conrad Pool and is a testimony of their lives.
Conrad Pool was born in Frederick County, Maryland, to Johannes Conrad Pul and Christina Springer.  He was christened May 24, 1795 as spring christenings were usually held in the spring after the snow melted.  He went by "Coon" or "Conrad" as nicknames helped differentiate people of the same name.  Conrad was pronounced "Coon-rahd" or like the German "Kunradt".
The Pools were from the Hesse Darmstadt, Hesse Cassel, Wurzburg, and Wurtemburg areas of Germany.  Pool in Germany was originally spelled "Pul" or "Puhl", but "Pool" and "Poole" were the closest English translations as seen in the 1790 Maryland census.  Most family members adopted the "Pool" spelling, although a few chose "Poole", most notably Samuel Jr.'s family in the early 1900s.
Conrad married Rachel Dowell (Dewell/Duel), daughter of Benjamin Dowell and Barbary Springer on September 2, 1817 in Jefferson County, Ohio.  Rachel was born in the area known as Virginia at the time of her birth; now present day West Virginia or Ohio. 
The exact dates of Conrad and Rachel's deaths are unknown.  Conrad appeared in the 1860 federal census, living in Village, Van Buren, Iowa, but only Rachel was in the 1870 census, livin in the same town.  Rachel must have died shortly after as she is not in the 1880 census.  The graves of Conrad and Rachel, which would indeed reveal many clues about the dates of their deaths, have disappeared as well.  It would have seemed they would have been buried in the Leando Cemetery with all the others Pools, but the location still remains a mystery.  It has been speculated that Conrad and Rachel may have been buried in an area where a road was later laid going into the cemetery.

Created by Marie Pool